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MTP Kit – The Abortion Procedure, Risks & Recovery


Information concerning medical abortion and the abortion pills namely Mifepristone and Misoprostol, combined in the abortion pill kit is precisely listed down below. We have provided simple guidelines, information, and tips that will benefit the user in achieving a hassle-free abortion in the comfort of their home choosing complete privacy. Let’s get to know the following important details [...]

Is It Safe to Get Abortion Done More than Once?


Several myths have been a part of the whole abortion procedure and the idea of abortion which can probably never be busted unless people choose to read and understand appropriate and accurate information regarding the same before choosing to buy MTP Kit online. One such common query is whether it’s safe to experience abortion more than once. Well, the myth that revolves around the same is [...]

Post Abortion: The Emotional Side Effects


Abortion has different effects on each woman. The experiences vary from person to person, while some experience sense of relief, while some pain of loss, and the emotions differ. Studies show that, after an abortion, the emotional and psychological side effects are more than the physical side effects. The emotional side effects range from mild regret to the complex case of depression and suicidal [...]

How does Abortion Pills work? What is Medical Abortion?


Unplanned and unprotected sex can result in an unwanted pregnancy. One of the solutions for this untimely problem is abortion. Abortion is of two types: Medical abortion and surgical abortion. Medical abortion is also known as abortion pills, and it involves two types of pregnancy terminating pills. Abortion pills are different from “Plan B” or “morning-after pill”, which prevent pregnancy; and [...]

Is MTP Kit Safe for Abortion?


Is MTP Kit Safe for Abortion? An MTP Kit is the medical termination pack, an abortion pill manufactured by Cipla Ltd. One of the most widely used abortion pills recommended by doctors. The MTP kit is prescribed by doctors to patients with fewer than 7weeks of pregnancy. The MTP kit consists of 2 medicines - Mifepristone and Misoprostol. Though MTP kit is safe for medically terminating [...]

Buy MTP Kit Online to Get Free From Unsolicited Pregnancy


MTP kit is cheap and synonymously known as an abortion pill which is keenly consumed for giving an end to a case of undesired pregnancy. This kit comes in the combination of 2 pills which altogether helps in the termination of the pregnancy. The pills are well-known as Mifepristone and Misoprostol. This medication is consumed by most of the women around the globe as it reviewed to be the safest [...]