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Guarantee policy guarantees you the best shopping experience with many more policies associated with it. We are a trusted and renown pharmaceutical provider dealing in FDA certified products. We provide complete assurance in terms of the quality of the products. In order to make things more convenient for users, we also provide a 100% money-back guarantee and refund policy. There are certain rules set thus the guarantee policy includes-

We provide security about the information shared by customers pertaining to the payment transactions. The transactions are usually secured through a certain secured gateway system that ensures complete safety to the information and gives good high-end security.

Our guarantee policy also includes returning of the whole billing amount in certain cases such as-

  • If the delivered product is damaged
  • If the package is spoiled
  • If the parcel is hampered

We guarantee you to give away the whole amount that you have paid. This policy is also applicable if you cancel the placed order before 24 hours of placing the order or prior to the start of the shipment process. The amount of order will be processed and transferred to you within 30 days.

Also, in some very rare cases, it might happen that the customer receives the products not ordered by them so in that case you are first supposed to return the wrong package to us. We then process a fresh parcel including the products that you have ordered and provide them to you at low costs.

There are also some rare instances wherein the products are shipped at the wrong location. We take the complete responsibility of taking the parcel from the wrong location and delivering it back to you. But in case the customer has provided us the wrong shipping details then we do not take any responsibility for the same.