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Is It Safe to Get Abortion Done More than Once?


Several myths have been a part of the whole abortion procedure and the idea of abortion which can probably never be busted unless people choose to read and understand appropriate and accurate information regarding the same before choosing to buy MTP Kit online.

One such common query is whether it’s safe to experience abortion more than once. Well, the myth that revolves around the same is that people getting an abortion done more than once can be in danger and it can negatively impact future pregnancies and abortions.

The above-mentioned statement is a clear myth and it’s the source of such invalid information is still not known. For people looking to opt for abortion more than once or probably twice, it is essential to understand the truth about the medical abortion procedure, its efficiency, and its safety.

Abortion More Than Once

A recent survey with a close abortion estimates states that one in three women across USA and UK opt for abortion once in their lifetime. Also, a survey states that 50% of women seeking abortion have already experienced an abortion in the past.

There can be several reasons why a person gets an abortion more than one time commonly including lack or failure of contraceptive use, lack of sexual knowledge/education, the occurrence of life events hampering usage of different contraceptives, sexual assault, etc. In some cases, people assume that they’re ready for a pregnancy, and once pregnant, they do not wish to continue it due to their explanations. A person may not always be prepared hence for such instances, abortion can be really helpful for the ones in need.

Healthcare experts and doctors have a clear statement and also, it's evident that people conducting abortion (medical abortion), in a secure clinical setting or under the doctor’s supervision, do not experience future fertility issues, medical complications, or pre-natal issues. A woman’s fertility is resumed after about 8 days of abortion completion which is not subject to the number of abortions conducted. Every time an abortion is conducted, it is equally safe. Abortion may possess risks be it a surgical or medical method of abortion, but it’s not as complicated as compared to other methods of abortion.

Unintentional Birth Versus Abortion

In most cases, unintended birth is comparatively more dangerous than getting another abortion (more than once). The physical and psychological effects of medical abortion with Mifepristone and Misoprostol abortion pill may not be avoided at any cost, but there is no comparison with the effects and impact that an unintended pregnancy gives in.

Giving birth to a child in case of unintended and complicated pregnancy impacts the body majorly and causes some long-term effects which can be irreplaceable. As per the studies, the ratio of people that lose life due to unintentional childbirth is much more than that of the people who lose life due to legal ways of abortion. Certainly, a few side effects such as mental health problems, and UTIs, can be experienced by people who choose to give birth rather than choosing abortion.

The stigma of Having an Abortion More than Once

The stigma of getting an abortion more than once does exist. It’s a clear misunderstanding wherein it is assumed that people are using medical abortion ways as a birth control method but that’s not true. Recent data also put light on the fact that even if it's once done or more than once, people choosing abortion are aware of the abortion procedure completely and the psycho-physical risks and other factors associated with it.

Abortion stigma should not exist because its existence tends to put pregnant women’s decisions and lives in danger and increases the silence about birth control ways and methods. Statistically speaking, it has been consistently seen that abortion done more than once is common yet people experiencing it does not disclose and openly speak about it due to the fear of ostracization. Abortion in most countries has been legalized and abortion is the right to healthcare hence it’s unfair to forcefully let people stay silent about their personal decisions concerning health.

This should be destigmatized by changing the perspective and language to speak about it. Abortion is not a single person’s experience but something experienced by a plural audience. It should be normalized by putting light on the facts, benefits, and information that people are unaware of.


It’s a common and secure experience to conduct an abortion more than once. The stigma can be thrown apart only when people start educating themselves more about the open options available and choosing to buy MTP Kit online USA if required even more than once for their good health.


Meta Description: Destigmatizing the standards and claims of unsafety in conducting abortion more than once. It’s completely safe and approved therapy.