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When surfing on the internet pertaining to medical abortion, you might come across various websites claiming false statements regarding medical abortion but you will hardly find websites with appropriate and factual information. Misleading can be dangerous as people end up taking some important decisions depending on the falsehoods. This blog is completely dedicated towards providing authentic information regarding abortion and to clarify the common myths that women come across when they decide to buy abortion pill online. Let’s just first have a very clear idea about what medical abortion and abortion tablets are all about-

Medical Abortion

The method of termination of pregnancy undesired) through medicines is stated as medical abortion. It is possible to let go off the pregnancy only when the duration of pregnancy is 10 weeks or less. Medical abortion can be conducted through usage of two abortion tablets which are Mifepristone and Misoprostol. The very first abortion tablet of Mifepristone is typically used for stopping the pregnancy growth. It ceases the progesterone hormone essential for growth of pregnancy. The secondary tablet of Misoprostol works similar to what happens at the time of a miscarriage. It expels the pregnancy sections through vaginal bleeding and ends pregnancy successfully. It is a proven solution for those experiencing unwanted pregnancy.

Although women do conduct abortion once in their lifetime but the decision is highly reflected about what a person reads and understands about abortion through different sources. Let’s understand what are the most common myths restricting women to conduct abortion and what are the actual facts about abortion.

Common Myths about Abortion

Myth 1- Medical Abortion is terribly risky

Any procedure you choose will have its own pros and cons be it a surgical abortion or medical abortion. This is the reason why the doctors give their opinion and information which is truthful and impartial which can help you choose your preferable mode of termination easily. As far as a medical abortion is concerned, till date no negative or worst scenarios have been seen and doctors even state that it has been the safest method of abortion. It has less than 1% rate of severe complications. It does not have any negative impact on your future pregnancies too thus you can buy MTP Kit online without any hesitation.

Myth 2- The abortion tablets are unsafe for teenagers

A person does not require undergoing too many terms and conditions in order to conduct a medical abortion.