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Shipping policy


Experience Fastest Shipping Service here

We offer you the best shipping policy ensuring that all the products are delivered at the proper location within the given time frame. The process is lightning fast and helps you receive the products on time every time the order is placed. Products are generally processed further in an unrecognized packaging which helps maintain the privacy concern.

Basic Shipping Process:

As soon as the order is placed, it is shipped only after the completion of 24 hours. The time gap is maintained keeping customers convenience in mind as someone willing to cancel the order has an option to do so within 24 hours' duration.

After the order has been placed, we share a mail of confirmation which includes a receipt. The same mail process is repeated when the order is dispatched stating that the product has been shipped from the place. Every time you place an order you mandatorily have to verify your mail address before the final confirmation of the order.

Type of Shipment:

Our policies and norms have been designed as per customers' convenience. Here, we provide you an option to choose amongst the different shipment modes through which the product would get delivered at your doorstep. Let’s get a clear picture of the same-

Express Shipping- Someone who has chosen the mode of express shipping or say overnight shipping, the products get delivered at the provided address within the time span of 5-10 days.

Standard Shipping- Through the standard or general shipping service it takes about 15 working days for the order to reach the buyer’s location.

Working Days Policy- An important note for consumers is that the products will be delivered only on working days and not on weekends so if the order is placed on Saturday then the parcel will not be received before Monday.

Re-shipping Policy- In certain cases, wherein the customer's address is wrong or when the customer fails to receive the product, it is shipped back to us. But if the customer wishes to receive the whole parcel again then he/she has to pay a certain amount for re-shipping the parcel.

Best Shipping Service:

If you wish to make the most out of the shipping policy then it is essential to provide us accurate and complete details of your residential address. In case the address provided is wrong then your products might fall in the wrong hands. Also, if the customer is willing to know the status of their parcel you can easily do that with the help of a GPS tracker. This GPS tracker is quite beneficial as it helps in knowing where your parcel has reached and when can you expect the product at home. This can be helpful so that you can stay back at home on the day of delivery and avoid r-shipment.

For the orders costing lesser than $100, the parcel is shipped via EMS or registered post. We also provide several offers and discounts related to shipment wherein you can avail our free shipping service if you place an order valued $150 and above. In some rare cases, it is likely to happen that your product might get delayed due to custom duty problems which differ from country to country so in that cases we suggest you place an order much before the desired time.