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Refund policy always strives hard to ensure that the best quality products are delivered to you. All the products that we deal in are 100% authentic. With us, you do not have to worry about the products being duplicated or forged. We give you complete assurance to never provide any medication which is not appropriate. Our motive is to satisfy customers' medication requirements and focus on letting you have a divine shopping experience with us.

Although most people buying from us never have to come across a situation of refunding the product but in some rare cases, customers tend to expect a refund policy as well. Therefore, for our valuable customers, we have simplified and provided the refund policy in case you come across any problems pertaining to the product. We value the hard-earned money of our consumers hence we make sure that if there is any glitch of the product or if there is any issue with respect to the delivery, then we are ready to refund the complete paid amount.

There are certain conditions under which the refund policy is applicable. Order is refunded if-

  • The parcel received is either tampered or destroyed.
  • The ordered items are different from what is received.
  • Lesser quantity delivered.
  • The expiry date is above 3 months but the received product terminates within 3 months.

Also, under certain conditions, the refund is not valid. Orders are not accepted if-

  • The product is opened.
  • The items are partially used.
  • Expired after buying them.

While returning the products you must follow the below-specified factors-

  • You must return the package in the same bunding which should have the scanner tag and labels.
  • It is mandatory to give the original sales invoice along with the parcel.
  • The batch number and the bunch number on the receipt should match only then the refund can be generated.

We are ready to take the parcel if the items are damaged but we also advise you not to receive the parcel at all in case you notice the damage while delivery. Refund is accepted only if you contact our consumer care executives and raise the concern within 24 hours of the parcel being dispatched.

In order to claim the refund customers can contact the consumer care executives through the provided toll-free number which is active 24/7. You can either ask for the amount or enquire about the process to receive the refunded amount. Customers are also provided with another option i.e. through the mail. You can drop us an email at wherein it is essential to inform about the reason for the refund. Ensure that the reason should be valid.