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MTP Kit – The Abortion Procedure, Risks & Recovery


Information concerning medical abortion and the abortion pills namely Mifepristone and Misoprostol, combined in the abortion pill kit is precisely listed down below. We have provided simple guidelines, information, and tips that will benefit the user in achieving a hassle-free abortion in the comfort of their home choosing complete privacy.

Let’s get to know the following important details before you plan to buy MTP Kit online.

What is MTP Kit all about?

Medical Termination of Pregnancy Kit, famously known as MTP Kit, is a medical abortion protocol followed to eliminate a pregnancy via the oral medication route. The procedure is conducted privately by keeping it confidential and following the non-invasive procedure safely. This method of abortion is preferred only in the initial pregnancy stage wherein the permissible gestational age is 10 to 12 weeks. Medical abortion procedure holds lower risks in comparison to other methods of abortion. It has proven to be 98% effective in maximum cases. The motive of the home abortion kit is to stop pregnancy from developing further.

What is the need to use an MTP Kit?

Pregnancy is looked up to as motherhood, but it’s also associated with several responsibilities hence it’s essential for a woman to prepare herself emotionally, physically, and mentally for becoming a mother. In some cases, a woman willingly does not wish to continue her pregnancy which is again due to several reasons hence medical abortion can be chosen in case of an unsupported and unexpected pregnancy.

If you are in a dilemma then seeking consultation from an expert can be a good option but if are firm about your decision then you can buy MTP Kit online USA without taking anybody’s consent. An MTP Kit is also recommended wherein continued pregnancies can be a threat to women’s life such as ectopic pregnancy. In the case of an ectopic pregnancy, the fetus generally grows in the fallopian tube. It can cause bursting leading to major fetal complications. More such cases where a woman must order MTP Kit online includes –

·      A fetus that’s unhealthy (mentally or physically)

·      In case a woman is socio-economically unstable

·      Pregnancy caused due to sexual assault

Important Note – It’s strictly not advised to opt for medical abortion with MTP Kit in case a woman has an IUD inserted, or suffering from hypertension, ovarian mass, or chronic ailment.

What factors fall under pretreatment preparation?

You may come across several apprehensions and doubtful confusing factors when deciding to terminate a pregnancy. A person should be prepared before performing this. Gynecologists generally recommend the following to prepare oneself before an abortion.

Be Aware – Before choosing a medical method of abortion, one must be fully informed about its details from reliable and genuine online or offline sources to fully recover. Talk to an expert and seek advice if in doubt. The procedure of medical abortion is performed/recommended/ explained by experts and certified gynecologists. If performed in a clinical setting, ensure it’s a specialist doing so, and even if it’s recommended to be performed on your own at home, then only an expert can guide you at every step.

As per a recent survey and report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the chances to experience lethal complications are comparatively much lesser if a professional performs it or guides the patient throughout the medical abortion procedure.

Seek Emotional Support – Most people are emotionally invested and it’s hard for them to deal with such situations hence if you go through the abortion pill procedure, it is advised to seek help if needed from your close family members or friends. It’s mandatory to be open to people who support your decision and do not judge you and manipulate your decision by offering unnecessary advice.

What happens a day before the medical abortion procedure?

You might experience waves of emotions and feel overwhelmed a night or day before you plan your medical procedure either at home or in the clinic. You must gather your courage and not let the negative thoughts sink in. Make sure to consume healthy food. Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. Avoid consuming alcohol or smoking as instructed by the gynecologist.

How does the MTP Kit work on the day of the abortion procedure?

The following tends to occur on the day of the medical abortion procedure -

In Clinic – If conducting medical abortion in the clinic, generally first Mifepristone 200mg dose is directed to be consumed and you may immediately leave for your day-to-day activities. This is recommended because the Mifepristone online abortion pill does not cause any side effects. For the second abortion pill consumption of Misoprostol, the patient needs to visit the doctor again after 24 to 48 hours, and after the pill’s consumption, she is advised to stay for a night or two, depending on the intensity of contractions, cramps, and bleeding.

At Home – Although the procedure is conducted at home, you still need to plan your abortion accordingly. Consumption of Mifepristone is advised initially which causes blockage of the progesterone hormone. Post 1-2 days, 4 tablets of Misoprostol 200mcg should be ingested through buccal or vaginal ways. Misoprostol abortion pill causes softening of the cervix which eases down the pregnancy termination

Users experience extensive clotting of blood passed through the vaginal opening. The bleeding differs for each person but it’s generally heavy and seems more like a miscarriage. Call the doctor if you do not experience bleeding within 24 hours.

What symptoms are generally experienced post-medical abortion procedures?

The abortion pills consumer is likely to go through the following –

·      Cramps and pain sensation in the lower abdomen

·      Excessive bleeding which slows down after a few hours or days

·      Fever, chills, diarrhea, vomiting, heavy head

·      Physical discomfort and mood swings

What are the complications and risks involved?

If you choose an abortion expert, a legit healthcare provider, genuine medication, and proper abortion pill protocol, the chances of complications generally decrease. But even after good care and the right treatment, certain complications might be experienced which include –

·      Severe infection

·      Anomalous discharge through the vaginal area

·      Constant stringent pain


Meta Description: Read to understand how the abortion procedure with MTP Kit works before you buy MTP Kit, a legit abortion kit for effective termination.