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Sara Wood on Feb 18 2022 2:21PM

Yes, it is important to check with the doctor for pregnancy complications before using abortion pills. Abortion pills are successful in most cases with pregnancy below 9 weeks. But doesn't work for certain cases like ectopic pregnancy. Pain and bleeding are part of abortion. Try using pain killers, and heat bags to pass the moment when the fetus is released. I had ordered pills from and had a successful abortion. Try purchasing from, they have wide options for secure payment gateways like Transferwise, Remitly, Ria Pay, and much more!

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Crystal Angel-Young on Jan 10 2022 2:18PM

I was 7 weeks pregnant, and I had 2 options for abortion. I told my doctor I wasn't ready for surgical abortion. My doctor prescribed me Mifeprex and Misoprostol, explained the process, and warned me about the pain. I used the abortion pills and I had a successful abortion. Though the pain was too much, I had my privacy and it didn't cost me much. And I want to refer to which delivers pills quickly and has a secure transaction system. You can choose Transferwise and avail discounts on your purchase. Try ordering pills from All the best for abortion!

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JaeMarie Hernandez on Dec 28 2021 2:16PM

I had a miscarriage and to sort it out, I was prescribed abortion pills. I choose abortion pills. I had severe bleeding for 2 hours, and after the 90 minutes of severe bleeding, the cramping was more intense but tolerable and the fetus passed. After a few hours, the bleeding became very light and the cramping was almost gone. I recommend going this route personally for a miscarriage. Try ordering for abortion pills from and avail discount on choosing payment gateways like Transferwise.

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Traci Mundale on Oct 22 2021 2:13PM

MTP Kit results in a successful abortion. My experience says that you should prepare yourself for the pain! Bleeding will be 10X times the normal period, and when the tissues pass out, cramps will be excruciating. I recommend taking painkillers along with breakfast, wait for an hour, and then insert Misoprostol. I ordered pills from and got the pills super fast, with a discount on opening an account with Transferwise. I had a successful abortion when I went for a scan after 3 weeks. All the best!

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Gracilly Marte on Sep 12 2021 2:10PM

An incomplete abortion can be a nightmare! I was 5 weeks 2 days pregnant and consulted with a doctor for abortion pills. On recommendation from a friend, I bought the MTP kit as prescribed by my gynecologist via I received the pack in 2 days, and I followed the instructions given by my doctor. I took Ibuprofen 1 hour before inserting Misoprostol. I had 10 days of bleeding, and once the bleeding stopped I visited and confirmed abortion. Choose the right pills. Try and make payment through Transferwise, and get a discount!

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Jossy Rascon on Aug 18 2021 12:07PM is one of the best sites for abortion pills, and you get good discounts here. I've got a 10% off for using Transferwise. I was 7 weeks pregnant and took Mifeprex and Misoprostol. It was not comfortable, on top of it, had 1 hour of severe cramps while the pregnancy tissues passed out. I had no side effects with Mifeprex, but after taking Misoprostol, I had diarrhea but it was gone after 12 hours. I didn't take any pain killer, but took hot showers, kept heat bags, and just lay down. My friend helped me a lot. 3 weeks later, after the checkup, the doctor confirmed abortion. Abortion is painful, but I chose it. Precaution could have prevented this. Anyways abortion was successful with abortion pills.

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MELINDA on Apr 8 2021 9:29AM

I was very much astonished by the customer service which they provided. I got the detailed information about the product and got all my queries solved within a fraction of minute.