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Seeking Care for Medical Abortion Complications


If seen from a medical viewpoint, the symptoms of each method of abortion seem to be similar be it a medical abortion, surgical abortion, or spontaneous abortion. The complications are fairly common. In such cases, it becomes difficult to gauge any abnormal symptoms or complications after abortion. There are many details that one must take into consideration and abide by before choosing to buy abortion pill pack online and using the same.

How to understand if the symptoms experienced post-abortion are abnormal? Well, read to know more.

Access to Secure Abortion for Efficient Pregnancy Termination

It might be a task to get secure access to abortion in different parts of the world, but understanding the fact that safe abortion access is important for a woman to terminate a pregnancy successfully and healthily is important. People often focus on pre-abortion steps to be taken and get complete guidance from medical experts governing the whole abortion procedure but it has been consistently observed as per statistics, that most people avoid post-abortion care and fail to understand its importance. It is equally important to maintain and take care of your body after abortion as it’s been taken care of during the abortion phase conducted with Mifepristone and Misoprostol abortion pills. Let’s understand the vital steps involved apart from abortion access.

The two common types of abortion include spontaneous abortion (miscarriage) and induced abortion.

In the case of spontaneous abortion, the body itself expels embryo sections due to congenital malformations and chromosomal abnormalities. In such cases, the body recognizes the abnormalities and the fetus being non-viable hence causes natural miscarriage. Other causes of miscarriage include infections and diseases concerning maternal health, age, improper prenatal care, weight, uterus abnormalities, etc.

Induced abortions generally can cause incomplete abortions. These kinds of abortions are generally conducted when the consumer chooses to buy abortion pill pack online USA and consumes them at home or in the hospital or clinic or during the surgical abortion. Women in the case of surgical abortions are likely to experience hemorrhage, injury, or infections.

Infections can be caused in the case of septic abortions wherein unsafe abortion practices conducted by unprofessional and untrained abortion providers take place. This can be caused when unsterilized instruments and tools are used for surgical abortion. Infections may as well be caused in case of pre-existing infections such as cervix inflammation, STI, etc.

Overview of Abortion Types

·       A miscarriage is also a type of abortion that may partially cause an incomplete abortion.

·       Incomplete abortion can also result in the case of induced abortion with abortion pills or surgical abortion wherein the pregnancy sections in rare cases are completely evacuated from the uterus.

·       The chances of complication increase if abortions are conducted in later pregnancy stages. It also depends on the type of abortion chosen.

·       The major causes of complications after abortion are infections, incomplete abortion, trauma, or surgical injuries.

Signs that Indicate Complications Post Abortion

Let’s understand the symptoms that may or may not occur post-abortion for you to be alert.

Common and moderate symptoms include low fever, vaginal bleeding, nausea, diarrhea, headache, cramps, fatigue, etc.

Severe symptoms include worsening pain in the pelvic area, abdomen, and back. It also causes excessive vaginal bleeding, difficulty in breathing, high fever lasting over 24 hours, feeling cold, shivering, smelly vaginal discharge, etc.

Difference Between the Post-Abortion Symptoms

The common symptoms listed above are minor. These after-effects generally do not last for more than 12 to 24 hours. These symptoms are an indication that the abortion pills from the home abortion kit are working and doing the job. These symptoms do not require close attention of a healthcare expert but it’s important to speak to your GP and ask for the normal/general after-effects that occur post-abortion.

On the other hand, the above-mentioned severe symptoms cannot be neglected and require immediate medical attention. These symptoms may indicate some serious bodily complications such as –

·       The uterus has not resumed to its normal size (maybe swelled or failed to get back to the original state due to existence of embryo sections or blood collection)

·       Injury caused to the bowel, uterus, or bladder

·       Tissue damage caused during surgical abortion due to unsafe medical instruments

Importance of Post-Abortion Care

Since as mentioned, from a medical perspective, these methods of abortion (induced or spontaneous), possess similar effects differing in terms of intensity and severity. Abortion pills such as Mifepristone (200mg) and Misoprostol (800mcg), can also be used to complete an incomplete miscarriage. It is necessary to treat unsafe or incomplete abortions for a woman’s better health as these can be a threat to life if left unnoticed or untreated.

While choosing the method of abortion, and understanding its procedural activities, it is also very much necessary to understand the post-abortion care information from the medical experts.


Meta Description: Before you buy abortion pill pack online, address importance of secure access to abortion to avoid potential risks to health after abortion.